Field Melons Feminized Autoflower Seeds

Introducing the Field Melons 10 pack of feminized, auto flowering cannabis seeds. These high-quality seeds are sure to provide you with a bountiful harvest of potent, delicious marijuana.

These seeds have been carefully cultivated and selected for their ability to produce strong, female plants that will flower automatically, making them perfect for both new and experienced growers. With a genetic makeup that combines the irresistible flavor of Field Melons with the reliable, easy-to-grow nature of auto flowering strains, you can expect impressive results every time.

Once planted, these seeds will quickly sprout and begin to grow, reaching full maturity in just a few short months. The plants themselves are relatively short and compact, making them ideal for growing in a variety of settings, from small indoor gardens to large outdoor plots.

When it comes time to harvest, you’ll be rewarded with dense, frosty buds that are bursting with the mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked cookies. The smoke is smooth and potent, delivering a relaxing, euphoric high that will leave you feeling happy and stress-free.

In addition to their delicious flavor and potent effects, these seeds are also known for their high levels of THCa, making them a great choice for those looking for the therapeutic benefits of marijuana.

Overall, the Field Melons 10 pack of feminized, auto flowering cannabis seeds is a top-notch choice for anyone looking to grow their own high-quality marijuana at home. With their easy-to-grow nature and delicious flavor, these seeds are sure to be a hit with both experienced and novice growers alike.

These seeds in current form are below 0.3% THC and thus making them legal hemp seeds under the 2018 farm bill.